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Meh Dai FAQs

Got questions about our meh dais? We've got answers!

Can I use a meh dai with a newborn?

You sure can! Our meh dais have a weight limit of 8 to 45 pounds, so generally, you can use them from birth. If your babe is under 8 pounds, we recommend talking to your doctor before using your meh dai to get the all-clear!

Are meh dais toddler-friendly?

Yes! hope&plum meh dais are rated for kids up to 45 pounds in weight. That makes them the perfect solution for newborns through to toddlers.

Can I use meh dais after a cesarean section?

Yes. We find that most people experiencing a normal recovery from a cesarean section start using carriers around 2-4 weeks after the procedure. We recommend keeping your waistband high to reduce pressure on the scar and discontinuing use if you feel

Are meh dais safe?

Yes, they are! hope&plum meh dais have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We're also certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywe

Can I clean my meh dai?

Yes. Life with children can be messy, so we've designed our meh dais to be easy to clean. Depending on the extent of the stains, either machine wash, spot treat, or hand wash your meh dai. Read more about our care instructions here.

What type of fabric is used for meh dais?

Our meh dais are made from high-quality fabric, 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton.

Are the meh dais adjustable?

Yes. Every meh dai can be worn 2 different ways. The fully adjustable ring waistband combined with our soft fabrics allow you to perfectly mold the meh dai to your body. And that means several caregivers can use the same meh dai without any issues.

Are meh dais bulky?

Nope! hope&plum meh dais are lightweight and can fold so they fit perfectly into your handbag or baby bag. It's the perfect practical alternative to strollers in large crowds, where space is limited or when you want to keep your baby extra close.

Is it difficult to use meh dais?

No. With every babywearing product, there's a learning curve that goes with it. To make your meh dai journey as easy as possible, check out our extensive tutorial library on our Instagram or schedule a fit check with a babywearing educator here.

What is the ring made of?

The ring is made of aluminum, which compliments our fabrics with strength, longevity, and beauty. Each ring is meticulously hand-forged. The small cosmetic imperfections that can come with hand-forged products do not affect the functionality or safet

What does each length measure? How do I know which length is right for me?

All hope&plum ring slings are size-inclusive and come in 2 fully adjustable lengths. They're designed to support all parents and babes. Our Short length accommodates waists up to 44” with 90" long shoulder straps. Our Long length accommodates waists

Can I feed my babe while wearing a meh dai?

Yes. hope&plum meh dais give you the freedom to nurse or bottle-feed discreetly wherever and whenever so you can get on with life while nurturing your babe. Meh dais are your perfect feeding companion, no matter how you go about it.

What is the weight requirement for a newborn?/What is the weight limit for a meh dai?

All of our meh dais are safety tested for use with infants and toddlers weighing 8 to 45 pounds. If you want to use your meh dai before your baby is 8 pounds, seek advice from your healthcare provider!

Can the ring on the waistband be removed?

No, it cannot! The ring on our meh dai is sewn into the waistband, so it is not removable.

Can I wear my baby forward facing?

No, you can’t! While there are carriers out there that let you face your baby towards the world while wearing, the hope&plum meh dai is not one of them! We find most families do just fine with front and back carry options. If you find your little one

When can I wear my baby in a back carry?

You can start back carrying with children who have good head control and can sit unassisted, so around 6 months old.