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Lark Carrier FAQs

What is the weight limit for the Lark?

The Lark Carrier is safety tested for babies and toddlers from 10 to 45 pounds!

Can I wear my baby forward facing in the Lark?

No, you can’t! While there are carriers out there that let you face your baby towards the world while wearing, the Lark is not one of them! We wrote more on why we designed it without that feature here. We find most families do just fine with front a

When can I wear my baby in a back carry with my Lark?

You can start back carrying with children who have good head control and can sit unassisted, so around 6 months old. The Lark comes with a chest strap, which you’ll put on when you want to back carry.

Proper Fit with Your Lark Carrier: Waistband Buckle

At hope&plum, we're all about honesty, and sometimes, a little hiccup might slip through – like the occasional backward buckle. It happens! But before you reach out, let's ensure you're putting your Lark on the right way, especially considering its a

Are all of the Lark Carriers the same?

Great question! In a nutshell, yes, all Lark carriers share the same foundational structure and fabric. The beauty of the Lark lies in its consistent comfort and reliability across different colors and designs! ☺ You can shop our collection of Lark B

How do I wash my Lark?

It’s machine-washable! We’re parents too, so we get it—you need something you can throw in the washer! We got you! Be sure to wash on a cold, gentle cycle using a detergent that is free of brightening agents. You can also spot clean as needed.

What size Lark should I get?

We offer our Lark Baby Carrier in two lengths/sizes: Short and Long! The Short waistband accommodates waists up to 45", and the Long waistband accommodates up to 65". Our size suggestions are based on women's shirt sizes!. If you are between sizes, w

Lark Waistband Trouble Shooting

First and foremost, ensure that your waistband is snug enough to provide ample support for your baby but not excessively tight. Striking the right balance is key for optimal comfort. 👍. If you are not over-tightening and still having trouble, ensure

What should I do if my carrier’s waist band starts to loosen during use?

If you encounter difficulties with the waist band loosening while using your carrier, please ensure you are using the safety loop to the left of the waist buckle. It is essential to thread the entire buckle through the safety loop properly to prevent

Are Larks safe?

Yes, they are! Our Larks have been tested and certified to ensure your child's safety and comply with the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We're also certified hip-healthy, which means you can babywear with p

How should I wear the Lark straps?

The Lark is an apron-style carrier that has cross-style straps in a front carry and backpack style straps in a back carry. If you’re wearing your baby on the front, you’ll want to cross the straps in an X over your back, spreading them out to optimiz