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Ring Sling Fabric DetailsUpdated 4 months ago

Meet the fabric stars of our ring sling show – linen/cotton and our signature hope&plum hemp/cotton blend! 🌟 Each one is a superstar in its own right, bringing something special to the babywearing party.

🍃 Our linen/cotton blends are the lightweight champions of breathability and strength. Imagine the perfect combo of a soft cloud and an unbreakable fortress – that's our linen/cotton magic! Plus, they come in a single layer for that airy, easy-breezy feel. They have a little more texture due to being woven, but they are still soft and snuggly!

🌿 Now, you've likely heard about our signature fabric – the hope&plum hemp/cotton blend! 🚀 It's not just supportive; it's like a hug from a cloud. This blend is your go-to for moisture-wicking wonders. Stay cool in the heat and cozy in the cold – it's a double-layer delight!

Remember, these slings aren't just accessories; they're your partners in the babywearing journey, getting softer with each use. Each one has its moment to shine in our lineup, and we crafted them with love and purpose. 🌈✨"

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