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How do you choose between a hemp blend and a linen blend?Updated 9 months ago

First, let's talk about our hemp/organic cotton blend. Hemp is a fantastic natural fiber known for its durability and strength. When blended with cotton, it creates a strong, breathable fabric while still soft and easy to use! We sew together two lightweight layers of our hemp blend fabric, providing excellent support and handling heavier babies comfortably.

On the other hand, our linen/cotton blend is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Linen is super airy, which makes it ideal for warmer weather or parents and babies prone to getting sweaty, but it may not offer as much support for heavier babies as it is only one layer of fabric.

So, which one do you need? It often comes down to personal preference and your specific needs. A linen blend might be your go-to choice if you're in a hot climate or plan to use your carrier during summer. If durability and long-term use are top priorities for you, a hemp blend is your best bet! 

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